Friday, November 11, 2011

1,000,000 words !?!?!!



Someday. I’d like to write, 1 million words in a year or several books, short stories or novels. That is tall order for someone {anyone} who works a full time job and has many other activities {kids, social life etc.} going on outside of work.

I've been working on formulating an obtainable goal for myself. I’ve finally settled on 500k words for a year. I’ve managed to break the goal down into achievable parts –

Plain O’ Logistics

About 41,666 words per month {Not bad considering if I keep on pace with NaNo, I will have 50k worth or words} Or {broken down even further}
1370 words per day.


Other considerations -

Editing – My least favorite task but a necessary evil - decided I will edit as I go. If I am feeling smart, I will take my trusty iPad with me to work and edit on my lunch breaks.

Burn out - is always a risk in anything you set out to do however, I will rise to the occasion and figure out how to beat it and get the mojo back.... I realized it will never be the perfect time to begin. The key is to quit wishing, wanting, procrastinating my time and do something I truly


Amazing what you'll do when you truly love something. You will move heaven, earth and anything in between to do it. Anyone care to join me on this venture? Let me know!

Happy writing!


Crystal said...

You totally have me ready to do this!! Like you said, there will never be a "perfect" time to do this but just rise to the occasion and see what happens! This is definitely something that I'll be thinking of doing in 2012. :)

Laura Bradley Rede said...

Good attitude, Heather! I can't commit to anything that high, but I am truly hoping to write another novel in the next year and that will likely be about 100k, so I am with you in spirit. You are right that you have to love it. Doesn't mean it's always easy to talk myself into actually doing it, lol, but I do love writing.