Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Writers I Love - Paulo Coelho

Photo of Book Cover by HRJ
Paulo Coelho, is one of my all time favorite writers. His books are sensuously well-crafted and insightful. (I could go on and perhaps in future blog posts, I will.) Aside from his writing, what I love about him, is his un-conventional way of presenting his body of work to his audience.

Paulo is traditionally published but he also gives his work away.  Incredibly risky for any author (or artist), especially from a fiscal/business standpoint however, sometimes when you really believe in something, you must take risks.

As storytellers, our tales are meant to be shared with others. Stories help individuals understand their own lives. Sometimes a tale is meant to entertain or to teach. Whatever the reason, humanity feeds off the shards of mythos writers weave.

As a writer, when I release a story to the world, my intension is;  may the story find it's way to whoever needs the message in the story. In Paulo's case, through his desire to share his work, his stories are known to millions through out the world. 

My first copy of the Alchemist was downloaded from the internet. I read the entire thing in a few hours, after I was done; I went to the bookstore & purchased 4 copies - 1 for me, 3 for gifts.

To this day, I keep buying additional copies to give as gifts – I think my latest count is 24+. I have also gone on to purchase nearly everything he has ever written. 

Today, the New York Times did an interview with him; I’ve attached the link…http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/27/books/paulo-coelho-discusses-aleph-his-new-novel.html

A copy of the Alchemist –http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2008/05/11/the-alchemist-for-free/

In this case his risk paid off. I believe other well published writers have given away their work…Neil Gaiman immediately comes to mind.

I am interested to know fellow writers and publishers thoughts on giving away work. If you are so inspired, please comment below.

Happy reading and writing! XOXO - HRJ

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Crystal said...

I agree that it's a risky move to make to give away your writing for free. I'd be anxious doing it! But I also think it's a great thing for them to do. As you said, it seems to have worked well for them!

I love this post, HRJ! Will we be seeing more "Writers I Love" posts? I absolutely love the idea!