Sunday, June 12, 2011


I have been leaving mysterious tweets about, mermaid training. Concerned and amused family members, friends have been sending e-mails, asking for some sort of reasonable explanation. Here goes;

I love the water. I love to swim. Water sports in general, I am in. You would never catch me running a marathon however I would swim it in a heartbeat. In high school, you would find at the bottom of the deep end, hovering on my back looking upward the surface, with my fins. Holding my breath pretending I was a mermaid. During swim practices, I'd make-up mermaid stories while I swam laps. {I was a distance swimmer, this skill came in handy.} When I graduated high school, for the longest time, I wanted to move out to the west coast and become a professional lifeguard and surfer. I have not outgrown my love for the water and swimming. In fact, on my really bad days at work, I threaten to run away and join the mermaid show.

So far, I have not joined the mermaid show, yet. {Yet, being the operative word.} Right now, I simply write mermaid stories, draw mermaids and train for the day I am able to be a mermaid.

One day, I was listening to my web stream, when the host mentioned that there will be a mermaid convention in Vegas.  I could not sign up fast enough! The second weekend in August, in Las Vegas is the first ever, MerCon! I have attached a nifty link! So you can read all about it!!!

I will write more about mermaids, writing and other fodder soon!


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Laura Bradley Rede said...

Yay for MerCon!I grew up on te coast of Maine, where mermaids felt very possible. I hear that mermaids are becoming very popular in the YA world and I for one am ready for a fresh take on the old stories! Bring it!