Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mentors & Authors Who Inspire the Death Pixies....

WisCon 35, 2011 - Photo by HRJ
A group of fantastic author's reading their work!
I've have decided at least once a month, to highlight mentors to who have inspired me to keep writing and authors who have influenced my work (and life). It is only appropriate to begin this series with author and Death Pixie mentor, Kelly McCullough.

About 7 (or 8, give or take) years ago, a group of novice writers took a class at the Loft Literary Center, on how to write science fiction and fantasy. At first, I thought he was China Mieville! {He sort of looks like China.} Through the weeks we were together, Kelly taught the class how to build a world, develop characters, magic systems and how to start and run a writers group.  Kelly has a straight forward, no non-sense approach to the craft of writing. His class inspired me to keep writing.

Not only is Kelly is an outstanding teacher. He is a phenomenal writer. He has penned several books and short stories. He has a new book coming out, called Broken Blade, it is available for pre-order. When he is not writing, you can find him blogging over at the Wyrdsmiths {his writer's group}.

I'd recommend taking a class from him and reading his body of work. :-)

Thank you Kelly for being approachable, honest and showing myself (the other Death Pixies) the ropes!!!

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Laura Bradley Rede said...

Too true, Heather. Kelly is an amazing teacher and I love his books. His WebMage series is funny and fast and completely original and, having read Broken Blade, I can say that his readers are in for a treat. We are fortunate to know Kelly and to have taken his Loft class, which I think was kind of fated, don't you?