Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Binge Writing part II - Binge Editing

HRJ - iPad Art with PenUltimate, 2011
The chaos to the left is pretty much what editing process looks like - colorfully messy.

Editing. Yes, editing, my most painful part of the writing process however it is necessary.

I should clarify, I LOVE editing other people's work. I detest editing my own especially copy editing, to be honest, I could not tell you where a period goes. Nor what tense I should be using. Etc. This is mainly due to the fact, I had terrible English teachers in high school who told me I could not write. Or I should say, I could write but NONE of them, ever sat me down to hone my potential. Even though, I begged them to. They simply told me I could not write.

Everything I have learned about writing and editing I have learned by doing. Synchronicity has been kind to me, lead me to the members of the Death Pixies and other beautiful mentors along the way.

I know that someday, I will find a great copy editor, who can tell me where a period goes. Tell me what I need to do fine tune my work.

I feel very fortunate that I do have a great imagination, I know how to frame and tell a story. Generally, I do not struggle with building characters, plot line, story arch and worlds. {Yay!}

With all that being said....

During this process, I have made three discoveries

  •   Binge editing is good for me sit down and hyper focus on this part of the process.
  •   Editing {much like film making} generally will take 3x longer than originally projected {I told the DP that I would have pages to them by last weekend. Um, this has not happened, yet.}
  •  I love writing/storytelling, I LOVE it, if I did not, there is NO WAY I would willingly subject myself to this process. {This is most important discovery...}

The binge process is working for me, so far....

I still have more to say on this topic but I will save it for another post.....

Until the next time, happy writing!

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