Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've become science fiction!!!

I had a moment today, realizing the technology of science fiction has become reality for example -
{I've included some cool links..}

  • iPad - being able to read the NYT or a magazine on a full color, touch screen, iPad.
  • iPod - Who would have ever thought you could store 4,000 songs in a device the size of two fingers? 
  • Skype - Ummm, I remember watching Star Trek were they are talking to each other through the screen?
  • Forehead Thermometers - No more sticking it under your tongue, this thermometer you touch on your forehead and it tells your temp. {It is sooo Spock!!}
  • Robot Vacuum - Yes, they do make them! My friends who have them love them!!! 

I believe science fiction writers {and other artists} have the gift of being visionaries. I like to believe we inspire science and the world around us to invent new technologies...I am excited to what other ideas we inspire people to invent.

It is my hope that we encourage the inventions of conscious design;  environmentally safe, using minimal resources, something that we can repair or recycle that does not fill up a landfill.

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