Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Kindle or not to Kindle?

The photo to my left is my new Kindle. {I think it is only appropriate Charlotte Bronte, appeared as the screen saver when I shut it off. I did not even plan that!!!}

The Kindle was a gift, from my infamous friend, Mycroft {and company}. Mycroft is also voracious reader. In fact, we talk about books and literature more often than not.

To be completely transparent, I was ambivalent about the Kindle because I did not have one. Now that I have one, I LOVE IT!  I was able to download all the classics, foreign language eBooks, a couple of romance novels and even a subscription to the New Yorker for a very reasonable cost!!!

What I like about the Kindle so far :

  •  I live in a small space because my space is compact, I need to be mindful about I bring into it. I have had to downsize my personal library to comfortably function in my parameters. The Kindle helps me save on space. 
  • Also, I will be traveling over the next year. It will be nice to take a little library with me. 
  • I am also able to read a romance novel without being embarrassed about the cover. :-)
  • Magazine subscriptions - I love reading the New Yorker. The magazine is published every week. That adds up to a lot of paper being used. This is a great way to read the New Yorker, save a few trees and spend considerably less on subscription fees!

I will continue to purchase select 'hard copy' books at my favorite independent book dealers and used book shops. Nothing will ever be able to replace the love of turning pages and the smell of paper.

There is one draw back - no reading in the bathtub.

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Gretchen Ash said...

I read almost everything off my iPhone these days, and have budgeted for an iPad next year, part of the pull being the e-readers. I love that I have the phone with me anyway, so I can always read a bit. I love the space-saving and instant elements and the no needing proper lighting part.

I do take some issue with Kindle & Nook, as they are one-trick ponies, and I don't have a lot of use for those (not that I'd turn one down if you handed it to me)gr. The iPad has apps for both readers, and will serve as the out-and-about machine as I'm finding it necessary to upgrade to the 17" laptop but know I won't want to lug it. At least, that's the excuse I'm using. :)