Sunday, December 26, 2010


To be perfectly transparent, I was post 2010 before it even began. Now that I nearly reached the end of another year, I cannot help but feel a sense of relief.

Since, Thanksgiving I’ve been in a deep introspection about my life and what direction I would like to head. I definitely know that I am at a critical choice point.  In the next months what I choose to do and not to do will change my course of my destiny. I know I am not alone in this feeling. Others around me have expressed similar opinions.

With New Years only days away suddenly the intensity of destiny is magnified. People will be making resolutions. Anyone, who knows me, understands I do not believe in making New Year’s resolutions. I believe, if you feel the strong urge to change something, do it now. Take one-step towards the desired goal each day don’t wait until the New Year Day to begin. None of us are promised tomorrow.

My wish for anyone who:  wants to write that novel this year, take a few moments {TODAY} to write a couple of sentences or the first paragraph.  Or desires to paint or create something sit down at your kitchen table {or where ever you have the space} and do it.  There will never be a perfect time or space. Today, is a good day to start.

Don’t make resolutions make goals. Break your goals down into monthly {daily or weekly} achievable steps.  This will help especially if you are going from procrastination to making it happen.
Understand the choices you make to create or not to create something could dramatically affect your destiny. How many times, have you come up with an idea and opted not to do it. A period of time later, someone executed the same idea with a degree of success.

Embrace you destiny. Do it now.

For all you veterans who have an established artistic practice, congrats! Please share your insights, I know many readers would benefit.

Best of luck to one and all! May you accomplish your destiny.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Kindle or not to Kindle?

The photo to my left is my new Kindle. {I think it is only appropriate Charlotte Bronte, appeared as the screen saver when I shut it off. I did not even plan that!!!}

The Kindle was a gift, from my infamous friend, Mycroft {and company}. Mycroft is also voracious reader. In fact, we talk about books and literature more often than not.

To be completely transparent, I was ambivalent about the Kindle because I did not have one. Now that I have one, I LOVE IT!  I was able to download all the classics, foreign language eBooks, a couple of romance novels and even a subscription to the New Yorker for a very reasonable cost!!!

What I like about the Kindle so far :

  •  I live in a small space because my space is compact, I need to be mindful about I bring into it. I have had to downsize my personal library to comfortably function in my parameters. The Kindle helps me save on space. 
  • Also, I will be traveling over the next year. It will be nice to take a little library with me. 
  • I am also able to read a romance novel without being embarrassed about the cover. :-)
  • Magazine subscriptions - I love reading the New Yorker. The magazine is published every week. That adds up to a lot of paper being used. This is a great way to read the New Yorker, save a few trees and spend considerably less on subscription fees!

I will continue to purchase select 'hard copy' books at my favorite independent book dealers and used book shops. Nothing will ever be able to replace the love of turning pages and the smell of paper.

There is one draw back - no reading in the bathtub.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time for a new story?

Lately, I've been in deep thought. {Consider yourself warned...}

Thinking about the plethora of stories out in the world. Wondering why I keep on seeing/reading the same story over and over again? This hold true especially in Hollywood, how many times, have we all seen:

Boy meets girl, falls in love, looses girl, gets girl back....

Girl chooses family over her love? Then defies her family to 'win back' the love her life?

Child is sick, parent (usually the mother) goes to extreme to find a cure...

Or how about the girl good "taming" the bad boy? Better yet, how about the 'prince' rescuing the damsel in distress?

The list could on...

My challenge to all writers {and Hollywood}, let's dig deep into our imaginations and life experience to find new stories.  Stories that go beyond the superficial paradigms of romance, power, desire into the anatomy of the soul....

Who is with me??????