Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What am I doing?

What am I doing?????????

By the time I hit the 1714th word last night, I was ready to: scream, apologize to everyone and retract the commitment I made. As I have said in pervious posts, I am a slow writer. It takes me hours to write a single page. Days to pick out names for my characters. The fact I have output at least 1666 words per day to achieve 50k by the end of the month absolutely terrifies me. I do want to run and hide BUT I am committed. I am going to do this. NaNoRaMo is similar to running a marathon, you have pace yourself and work through the pain. Well, I am working through the pain.

For those playing along at home, here are my current stats:

Day(s): 1
Total words: 1714
Percent to Goal: .03% 


Gretchen Ash said...

You can do it!!

It gets easier as you get into it, and for once, you don't have to think about spelling or grammar. Name your characters "Fred" and "Ginger" and worry about titling them properly later. When you get to a scene you aren't sure about, feel free to fill in "[add some stuff about that thing here]" and move on. NaNo is all about the words on the page, the filling out of an entire story and the moving past your head and writing.

GO GO GO!!!!

Laura Bradley Rede said...

What are you doing? Exactly what you are supposed to be doing: writing! You are pushing yourself and stretching yourself and participating in an exercise that will teach you exactly what you wanted to learn,which is to let go of perfectionism on that first draft and to just enjoy it. There is definitely a time for detail oriented. But right now just revel in the fun of a new project and be proud that you decided to take on a challenge!

HRJ said...

Thank you both!!!! I needed it. Onward! :-)