Monday, November 22, 2010

Process - Pen and Paper - Moleskines and fountain pens

The photo to the left, is a story I drafted while on my lunch break. It is written on a combination of scarps of paper and my Moleskine (imagine in the far right background).

Initially, I began writing the story in my Moleskine. I used the shards of paper to organize my thoughts and play with the time line a bit. I am a visual thinker so it helps me to play with ideas on note cards, napkins or anything else I can find.

I just wanted to share a snapshot of my process with you all.  Also, I want to say that you can write anywhere, without your laptop or electronic device. Really. Next time your hanging at your favorite writing place, bring a pen and paper with you.  (My favorite writing combination is a  Moleskine and fountain pen.) Pen and paper? Sounds completely mad! Try it! :-) You might discover something about your process.

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