Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh no, you didn't!?!?!

Oh no, you didn't?!?!?!
Yes, yes, I did. Well, not exactly.

Here's the story.....

Come hell, high water or lots of snow - I have been participating in National Novel Writing in a Month, right now, I am sitting at 14k word count, ideally, I should be at 22k. I am not too discouraged or upset about my 37% word deficit. I am writing. At this point it all that matters to me - writing.

With that being said....

In the midst of the stream of conscious writing, I had a children's story appear in my head. Attempting to stay focused on my current project, I pushed the story out of my conscious mind into the realm of sub-conscious.  What I did not fully understand the potential repercussions of my actions.  The story began haunting me in dreams. In fact, the protagonist (who happens to be a fairy) began chasing me in dream time. She kept on saying, "oh no, you didn't just say 'NO' to me!?" In my dreams, the protagonist enlisted children to dump fruit over my head until this story is written. Finally on my lunch break on Tuesday, I wrote the first draft of the story. The story is short, it is a children's story. I am excited to have finished a story. Looking forward to illustrating the pictures for the book. Although, that will have to wait until NaNoWriMo is over.

I happy to report my dreams are back to 'normal'. No more protagonist chasing me around for now.....

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