Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dog on the Blog

Okay, this doesn't technically have to do with writing but I just had to share the fact that our family adopted a new dog today! Zeus is a one-and-a-half year old blue merle Great Dane. He comes to us as a rescue and is the world's biggest puppy-- at 120 pounds, he is quite underweight for his height, and he still has about six months worth of growing left to do. So far he is settling in nicely. He hasn't tried to eat any of our three geriatric cats and he is adorably submissive to Magic, our fourteen-year-old blind dachshund. The kids are thrilled with him. My two-year-old daughter Miranda spent the afternoon asking him over and over "What's your name?" and then telling me, dismayed, "He not talkin'!" She also kept encouraging him to sing along to Highschool Musical and was a little put out that he didn't just join in on the chorus. I can see why; Giant breed dogs really seem like people. When our St Bernard Chaucer passed away two years ago he left a huge hole in our family. Zeus is a very different dog-- a puppy, where Chaucer was a wise elder-- but I still have a feeling that he is going to fill some of that hole. Now, if I can only convince him not to cry for us all night, when we are upstairs and he is down... Wish us luck!


HRJ said...

Congrats La!!! What a great dog!!! :-) Can we look forward to Friday dog blogging? :-)

Norma Boe said...

He's beautiful, La. What a great valentine for the family.