Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Deadlines or "Lifelines"?

Is this how you feel when you're facing a deadline? Or are you one of those people who thrives when she's expected to produce? I tend to procrastinate but I'm getting better and ultimately I think I work better with a deadline since open-ended
projects don't always get done. Creative projects have a lot to compete with at my house since three young kids and a bunch of pets and a constant battle with house entropy take up most of my energy! Having a deadline on a creative project helps make it a priority. What about you? What's your deadline style?

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Robbie Knutson said...

My deadline style generally involves setting one, having a whole boatload of "stuff" get in the way and wrecking any chance I had of getting it done. (this happens to everyone.) The useful thing I have found is that all that "stuff" is usually attatched to "people" and "people" as well as their "stuff" go to sleep when it gets dark out. So in order to meet deadlines I have had to learn to be productive at night. Its actually a good time for writing, its quiet and calm and the phone never rings with some distracting thing for you to do. So deadlines for me are met by working into the wee hours.