Thursday, December 10, 2009

Writing from the heart.

I fell into the creative void. Creative void, you know, the place where all artists go there at some point in their career. Or perhaps it is place where an artist visits over and over again. It feels like a vacuum where nothing – I do mean nothing can get in or out. As I began searching, asking myself, “what is going on?” I realized - I have a great process down: outlines, index cards, treatments, character sketches BUT is there point where writing efficiently can hamper creativity?


OK? Now what?

Take a time out, do something different. Go to bed. (I usually stay up.)

A thought occurred to me this morning: I was trying too hard to be organized. I was micromanaging my world. I had to loosen up a bit. Allow myself to play in the world to maybe write other shorter stories in the world. Follow my heart a bit more….

I noticed,

I write better, when I write from the heart. I make less mistakes. There is passion and energy behind my words.

Whatever your process is honor it.
However, if you should fall into the void, try something different to jump-start your creativity.

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