Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again

Time for New Years writing resolutions! If you want to have a few witnesses to your good intentions for 2010, feel free to post your resolutions in the comments of this post and we'll do our best to encourage you and keep you honest :) Personally, in the past I have focused my resolutions on meeting self-imposed deadlines or increasing writing time, but this year I am starting by focusing on getting back to the things that make this writing thing fun for me. I am vowing in 2010 to disable my inner editor, at least for a while, since I have found that nagging little voice is really inhibiting me lately. What about you? Whatever you are concentrating on in this new year, I hope 2010 brings you plenty of writing joy and success.


Douglas Hulick said...

This year my average daily word count needs to go up. By something like double. Why? Deadlines. I now have to have a book done (and presentable to an editor, which means time for revisions and beta-readers) in 13 months. And that doesn't include revisions to the book they already have, not to mention the uncontracted book I am 90% done with that I really, really, *really* want to finish so I don't lose my stride within it.

I know -- everyone should have these problems, right? I'm not unhappy about them, believe me; but I am a bit daunted. Which is why I am getting back to work this evening, even with everyone else in the family still home on vacation. :)

Laura Bradley Rede said...

Nothing motivates like a deadline! Sounds like you are starting 2010 strong. If you need motivation, think of those of us out here eager to read what you're working on!

Norma Boe said...

This year I am going to concentrate on small, acheivable daily goals. The only rule is that I have to make one, tell someone else what the goal is, and meet it. I'm allowed to make my goal tiny as long as it's writing related. I'm also allowed to surpass the goal if I'm feeling ambitious.

Hopefully this will work than my usual grandiose resolutions that I always fail to follow through on.

kanishk said...

really* want to finish so I don't lose my stride within it.

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