Thursday, September 24, 2009

Writer Wellness

Please note: the following blog post is NOT intended to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.

Writing & wellness, two words that don’t seem to fit together. In the various writer cons I’ve attended, I only remember seeing this topic only once however; it was under the name, “Writing & Exercise.”
So, here my ideas for maintaining wellness as you write. (I realize that most of these are common sense however, we all need reminders….) ☺

Get Sleep
In the macho sleep deprived culture we live in, sleep is under valued. A good solid night’s sleep does a mind and body good! So turn of the computer, put the mobile phones, PDAs to silent and sleep.
This doesn’t have to complicated nor do you have to devote endless hours, a simple walk is fine, yoga class, bike ride etc. Whatever physical activity interests you. I’ve noticed in my process physical activity clears the head and centers me for hours in front of my laptop.
Eat Well
Food is fuel. A balance eating helps you: think clearly and sleep better.
Feed Your Soul
What is it that inspires you? Don’t know. Make a list of what you like to do, pick one thing. Try it.
Maintain your sense of humor. Laugh. It is good for the soul.
This does not mean hours in sitting in a crazy pose. Keep it simple – sitting in your favor chair, by the lake, in the middle of your living room floor. Take five minutes of deep breathing will help clear your head.
Writing is rather solitary. Take a time to connect with other writers, friends, family and strangers mono e mono. (Yes, step away from your computer and into the tactical world.)

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