Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What does your Writing say about you?

I got mentally snagged by a little piece of a larger conversation the other day. Essentially we were discussing how much do you plan out ahead of time? How much do you have down, A.B.C. and how much is a more organic flow that just kind of happens? I'm sure there are as many ways to go about this as there are different stories to write, but what I was thinking about was how much does the way you go about a project say about you? In my experience the method almost always matches the personality. People and value oriented? Character comes first and they follow them through the story. Procrastinator? Action all at the end. Of course there are exceptions to this and as i got thinking about it I started pondering more about what your writing says about you as a person.
I know they say you put yourself in a story whether you try to or not, and obviously what you choose to write about definitely says a lot about what you are interested in, but i've seen wonderful examples that go deeper. I know a writer who is a loving, caring, thoughtful mother. She also seems to have a tough time with that whole: make bad things happen to your characters to ratchet up the tension part. She wants to nuture her characters. I know another writer who has moved all over the country for school and work, and her latest story is as choppy and fragemented as her life.
Going even a step further out, what does your genre say about you? We fantasy and science fiction folk are definitely the dreamers, and i'd like to propose this as quote of the day, since it's the quote of my life:

"... perhaps maddest of all is to see the world as it is, and not as it ought to be."

That's from man of la mancha. Apparently what THIS particular piece of writing says about me is that I am a little scatterbrained, and a huge theatre nerd.
Not sure if I have anything terribly enlightening to say on the topic, just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it. I know my own writing is a fairly effective ink blot for my own personality.

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Laura Bradley Rede said...

I think my writing is totally an extension of the rest of my life and personality. I have a cluttered, free-associative house with a clothes closet that has completely taken over the hallway outside my room and a bathroom wallpapered in collages cut from magazines. I tend to go way over word count and pack three stories worth of "stuff" into one. I was raised to avoid conflict and I struggle all the time with actually putting my characters in the toughest situations and not pulling punches. The good news is, writing is teaching me a ton about the rest of my life. But when I'm having a problem writing my book, I sometimes feel like I need a therapist as much as I need an editor! :)