Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spec Fiction Phrases in French

Important spec fiction phrases in French:

Je crois en licornes - I believe in unicorns

Je crois aux fées - I believe in fairies

J'adore les vampires - I adore vampires

Je suis sur l'équipe de Jacob - I'm on team Jacob

Je suis sur l'équipe-Édouard - I'm on team Edward

Où est mon vaisseau spatial - Where is my spaceship?


Laura Bradley Rede said...

LOL! It's like French-to-Geek Berlitz! (And I say that as a card-carrying geek) Great to know that I can take sides in the Twilight debate even in Paris. J'aime le Death Pixies (or something like that?)

HRJ said...

It is great to be able to take both sides of the debate in other languages! I am sooo happy to be putting my French lessons to good use.

I think your sentence is correct Laura, the only thing that may change is le to les, I will have to see and report back. The sentence could be: J'aime les Death Pixies....Again, I will double check... :-)

BTW- The French are really into unicorns. I am not sure why... (I haven't begun to research it.0 Do any of our readers or the fellow Death Pixies know why?