Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So I guess I sort of finished a book...

The other night at a Deathpixies meeting I came to learn that I had actually finished the first book in the series i am working on. (I was as suprised as anyone.)
Very simply I was describing the second half of the book when Norma said, "Wait...other half? The section we just read was 15,000 words... how long do you think this is going to be?" I responded that I was pretty sure i'd be able to wrap it up in 80, 000 words. That's when they laughed at me. (totally good natured, friendly laughing of course) "Robbie, the average for your genre and target age group is 35, 000 ish."
Oops. Turns out that my natural tendancy to have a big climax at the middle of the story, inadvertantly lead me to write the climax at the end. My 80,000 word spread had lead me to to the mid way wrap up at around 40,000 (which i hear is a good length for the kind of thing i'm writing.) And that this whole second half I am working on, is actually the second book in the series. Who knew?
Anyone else have any funny stories about stumbling onto things? Having planned things one way and having your characters decide on a different direction? Or a book that started adult and ended up for kids? How do people feel about word counts and how important is it to know and adhere to the industry standards?
And in a totally unrelated matter, how rad is it that I finished a book?