Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Procrasti.... aww heck i'll finish typing that later.

So... here we are... 4:02 on a tuesday night... or a wednesday morning depending on the angle... this is literally the last minute... the very very last minute. And yet, today is the day i decided that i would blog. I had every intention of getting right at this blogging thing, making the most of it and dropping a blog that would 'wow'. Yet here i am, at 4:02 (4:05 now if we want to get really technical) and i am only just getting to blogging, a thing i most certainly want to do. What in the blue wide spinning world kept me from blogging till now?
Well i'll tell you: stuff.
A myriad of stuff that fills up your day quickly and before you know it takes over.
When I woke up this morning, I walked in and flipped on the Xbox (my first mistake, but i'd do it again the same way, you just see if i wouldn't) and learned that my all time favorite game (fallout 3 a game taking place in a retro fifities future where china and amaerica decided to drop nukes all over eachother) had just released a new download in which, i kid you not, your character is abuducted by aliens and needs to fight his way off of a giant mothership.)
So of COURSE instead of blogging i looked up all the info on this patch, while it downloaded so i could play it of course, and that was the morning.
Then I went to work. The remount of a play, Snoopy the musical if you are intersted, being staged on the Artcenter on 7 mainstage. I thought i might have a few minutes to blog something cutesy via my iphone before rehersal started (i have this whole thing on soundtracking while you write, check in next week) but of course there were set pieces missing, so i had to navigate to the other end of the building past a literal gauntlet of behemoth mini vans and angry parents dumping their children off at summer athletics.
So much for that.
Then I got home and what time was it? 8:34 ... gosh didn't my best friend's bachelor party start at 7? yup...yup it sure did.
Procrastination isn't just for term papers. All of us, aspiring creative professionals or not, procrastinate, push off, leave off or otherwise stall. Why? Why in the world do we do this? ESPECIALLY when its something that we REALLY want to do, and that leaves us feeling so complete. (I literally get crabby if i havn't written in a while and smile like a cheshire cat if i have) The answer is of course something i will get around to thinking about enough to answer eventually....
The answer is clearly not the point. The point is: here i am. Completing the goal that i set out for myself: blog on tuesday. Now it is 4:21. (I listened to a few really good songs by Bat for Lashes and took a bathroom break in the middle) and i am doing what i set out to do.
I think the moral of the bloggy story is that you, and I, and everyone will always put everything off to the latest possible moment, but as long as you have SET when that last possible moment IS, damn if it doesn't get done. For those of us who set out to do something like write a book, the schedule is all ours to make, which is why (in my opinion) so few of us ever finish. The entirety of the scheduling falls into a etheral undecided upon realm and we can keep pushing it back and stalling and hymming and hawwing all we want. But the human animal, under pressure, can really excel and get things done. (4:25 if you are counting) The trick is convincing yourself that the deadlines you set for yourself matter. (this is where a writers group, fan base, or spousy type can really help you be accountable to these arbitrary deadlines.)
So i think we can all learn this tonight...or rather this morning: We are definitely going to procrastinate... but if we are willing to make a few 4:27 finishes, boy oh boy, it might actually get done after all.


Robbie Knutson said...

perhaps tacky to comment on my own post...especially right after finishing it...but this bloggy thing my run on western time. It said i posted it at clock says 4:27.

Laura Bradley Rede said...

Right there with you, Robbie! And it's so silly because once I actually start writing I really love doing it. It's just that getting-into-the-pool thing. Takes forever to get in, but once you're in the water is fine.

Norma Boe said...

Sometimes the procrastination is completely unconscious.

On more than one occasion, I have been at my desk writing, and when I blink I find myself transported to the kitchen and rummaging through the fridge. I have no recollection of standing, walking, or opening. I am just there, not writing.

This is when I begin to believe in puppet masters and evil overlords.