Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite Writing Spaces in the Twin Cities (in no particular order)

Loft Literary Center – This one goes with out saying, the energy is great.

Guthrie Theatre – This is one of my favorite surprises of the city. They actually encourage people to come hang out in the space. I usually find a nice chair by a window, a cup of tea and write. Free Wi-Fi.

Aster Café – Home to a breath taking out door patio with one of the greatest views of downtown Minneapolis. The Wi-Fi may be a little weak while sitting on the patio however it should not matter, your writing. ;-)

Wilde Roast Café - Fantastic interior, great menu, they have everything from alcohol to coffee. Wilde Roast is especially wonderful on rainy days and in the fall and winter. A word of caution, it is really busy on Sunday mornings.

Second Moon – A popular Death Pixie haunt, it is simply a homegrown coffee shop. The barista’s are cool and if they have time, will ask you what your writing.

Dunn Bros Coffee on 3rd & 3rd in downtown Minneapolis - It is really quiet, almost like a library.

Common Roots – Organic foods, great tea selection and plenty of plug-ins for your laptop.

Riverview Wine Bar & Café – A regular Pixie meeting place.

Architecture library on the U of M campus –One of the best-kept secrets. You can actually sit in cool chairs that you may see in architecture magazines.

My place – I have to admit, I’ve done a fantastic job in creating a writing spot in my flat. Quiet, comfortable and Shakespeare sits in a flowerpot staring at me. What more could you ask for?

If anyone has recommendations on places to check out, please do not hesitate to respond. :-)


Laura Bradley Rede said...

If you've got kids in tow, Sovereign Grounds in S. Mpls is good because they have a play room. I love May Day Cafe because it's in my hood-- and, especially during NaNoWriMo, you can always see frantic-looking writers ponding away at their keyboards. But I understand that if you really want to see writers hard at work the Black Dog in St Paul is where it's at ;)

HRJ said...

I agree about the Blackdog, it is lovely writing spot!:-)

Jon said...

My group often meets at the Riverview, but the coffee shop, not the wine bar. It's a good place to meet and work, although somedays, if you're unlucky, the kid friendly atmosphere can be a little bit too much.