Thursday, August 13, 2009


Someone once asked me, “do you think you’ll run out of ideas to write about?”
Immediately replied, “No, in fact, I am more afraid that my story ideas will out live me.”

Having said that: I need to say that one of my hindrances is the inability to focus. This means many stories are begun but few are finished. Lately, I’ve been soul searching to spot my saboteur when it comes to writing. This journey led me to the I Ching, or the Book of Change. I came across a passage about Limitations, (hexagram 60). Here are some insights (re-capped in my own words...)

If you look at the seasons, there is an order. This order brings balance and boundaries. One must set boundaries to operate within; with out limitations (guidelines) one becomes overwhelmed by possibilities - moving from one thing to the next without the ability to make a commitment to anything.

(Sound familiar to anyone?)

Take the time to acknowledge what derails you, spot your saboteur, try various solutions and you'll discover the path to fulfillment.

If you obsessively worry about: not being good enough…coming to the end of the story, rejection (or any other excuse).

If you think over think matters, you will muddle your intuition and continue to float from idea to idea.

To counter act this:



Make a plan with clear focus on what you want to accomplish.

Know that your confidence in your project will be tested.

Don’t doubt yourself.
Remain confident.

Do not dwell in the past or future. Focus on now.

Stay positive about your project.
Surround yourself with people that can champion you onward to finish.

Know that if you are not in accord with your goals, you may feel indecision and conflict. When you are confident, you have unified thoughts and actions.

It is my hope you all remain confident writers and stick to your goals.

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