Friday, July 31, 2009

Smart Stuff

Jennifer Crusie always has smart things to say about writing. This week on her blog she has notes from a speech she gave about Turning Points at the Romance Writers of America Conference in Washington DC last week.

Crusie defines turning points as the "events in the action of the plot where something happens that turns the story around in a new direction, raising the stakes and creating a new, more difficult struggle for the protagonist and, in turn, for the antagonist."

Even if you don't use her structure to help build your plots or analyze the ones your working with, it's an interesting discussion of what keeps readers engaged in a story.


Laura Bradley Rede said...

She has a way of making everything so clear, doesn't she? Thank you for posting this! I would love to hear others speak about the turning points in their own novels or in popular novels we all know. Maybe at a future DP meeting?

Norma Boe said...

I agree. That would be a fun discussion.