Thursday, May 28, 2009

Protagonist & the Honey Bees

My mother is one of many antagonists in my life. I use the term antagonist but not in a negative way, she is continually challenging me to become a better version of myself. Through her antagonizing I have learned to be the protagonist of my life. (After all life does not happen while sitting on a couch for long periods of time.)

She seemingly will push me into adventures with little or no warning. For example, some of the adventures include:

• How to pet hummingbird while in flight. (This is truly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen/experienced, mom can walk up to a hummingbird and pet it while is gathering nectar from flowers. She has taught me how to do it but I have yet to master it. Conversely, I am able to get dragon flies to crawl onto my hand.)

• How to make an Indigenous flute. (I made friends with a Fluteman of the Lakota Nation. My mom convinced him to come teach flute making classes with the expectation I had to come make a flute.)

• Aromatherapy. (My mother has always had a nose for smell. So, one day she decided to get certified in it. I am her test subject however in return, I’ve learned about the power of smell and aromatherapy.

The above examples bring me to the latest adventure: typing someone else’s manuscript. Ahhh! My thoughts exactly! I can barely finish my own projects let alone help some else with theirs.

Tonight, I popped in to visit Ma & Pa J, with the intention of explaining that I simply don’t have the time to devote to someone else’s work. Upon my arrival, mother J wasted no time whipping out the manuscript. I stared at the tattered blue jean colored three ring binder sitting on the dining room table. I carefully opened cover to reveal, 250 double space, wide ruled, hand written in pencil. (At this point my ice box of an over busy heart began to melt. Suddenly, I felt like I was in sixth grade, having just officially penned my first twenty-page story about a pirate ship that had run aground. )

My mother explained that the author is 93 years old, he been a beekeeper all his life. These are his stories about the keeping and tending to bees. The pages contain both memoir & science behind bee keeping. I really like it because it so different from something I would normally write. Who am I to reject someone’s story? I’ll leave that to the people in the publishing world. Intuitively, I know, there is a place of this story on a bookshelf somewhere. After all, honeybees are endangered.

I will continue to work on my projects, at the same time, helping some else achieve bring their dream to life. I can’t think of a better way to live.

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