Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mirrors, fishbowls, muses and blurring lines of fiction

I must begin by saying that magical things happen to on a daily basis. I’ve grown use to the sweet kisses of the universe. However, as of late, magic and I, have been strangers. Until, a few Sundays ago, when I was having tea with a friend of mine, and I was on a rant and rave about writing, art and my unusually mundane existence. She set her mug down looked right through to my soul and said, “ take the daily encounters and create your stories/mythos from there. You stories will be more real and have some truth even though it is speculative fiction.” Those words gave me chills because there is truth behind them.
As the week progessed, my private mythos (of the stories I tell myself) seeped into reality beginning with one small step on a Friday afternoon. Let me explain:
In a panic, I called a friend to give me a ride over to the Loft Literary Center to drop off a mentorship application. On my way back, I walked past a place I refer to ‘the fish bowl.’ (The dry cleaners in the bottom of the building I work in.) Nearly, everyday for the past two years (roughly), I’ve walked past, trying not to gawk at the handsome man works there. Every time I’d pass him, I would make up stories about him. Never talking the time to step out of my head and say something to him. However, on this particular Friday, this all had to change. I went in, asked if he was an “*artist or musician. “ *(I had to ask this question, it was the lead off question of all the stories I’d ever made up about him….) He replied, “both.” From that moment, I was sold, I knew I had to converse with this person. We spoke for a mere five minutes. However, the short -lived exchange ignited a long lost passion of life, art, love, storytelling and conversation. Six days later this gentleman moved to follow his dream. From this experience I’ve come to the following conclusions:
• How important it is to get out of your own head and to experience life.
• A conversation with a complete strange may inspire your next story.
• Share your art with others.
I’m happy to report that the magic is back. Thrilled that I’ve become passionate once again about my artistic endeavors and life in general. I am enjoying the evolution of myself as a writer/artist and a person in my community.

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