Saturday, January 17, 2009

Track Changes

Today I watched a Wallace and Gromit cartoon with my four year old. In it, the dog, Gromit, jumps on board a model train as it speeds along a track. He's thrilled-- until he realizes that the track dead ends into the wall! Just before he crashes, he grabs hold of a box of extra track and constructs a turn, throwing the pieces of track down in front of the train even as he drives over them. He races on like that for quite a while, frantically laying track in front of his own wheels. As I watched, I recognized a familiar look of terror and elation in Gromit's googlie eyes. "Hey," I thought, "It's my writing process!" I always speed merrily down the pre-planned straightaways of my stories, until I nearly crash into the stuff I don't know. Then it's a lot of wild winging it until I get to the next part that I know. It made me laugh to think about it. It's always nice to find a kindred spirit-- even if he's a claymation dog.

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Kelly McCullough said...

Beautiful, laughing out loud and getting a funny luck from Laura.