Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mantra for 09

I’ve been on a quest to find a mantra for 09. I wanted the mantra to be simple but yet, articulately capture the essence of being proactive in my artistic endeavors.

Inspiration finally hit while reading none other than Joseph Campbell ‘s “Power of Myth.” (Yes, I am still reading this book…)
“Marga” is the Sanskrit name for path. According to Campbell, myth comes from the imagination and imagination always leads back to one’s path. (i.e. myths trigger something internally within the soul, which aids in maintaining the present course. Or helps put one on the correct path.)

With that in mind I came up with the term, Creative Marga.

What Creative Marga means to me is: 1) the ability to continuously creative stories in whatever medium they choose to come in (film, novel, stage plays, paint etc.). 2) That every pathway I’ve ever tried to take has always leads back to my inner ability to create. Therefore, I must embrace the creative person that I’ve always been.
So, here’s to 09 and the Creative Marga!!

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