Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Years Resolutions, Baby!

Well, Death Pixies (and allies in the blogosphere) it's that time of year again: time for New Years resolutions! What are your writing goals for 2009? Putting them in writing helps to make them concrete and helps us all to encourage each other and keep each other accountable. Post your goals to the blog, put them in the comments of this post, or email them to a friend if you're feeling shy. This is at least our third year of New Years resolutions in the Death Pixies and they are almost as important as kissing somebody at midnight. So, what are you waiting for?


Sarah Matanah said...

I'm still on my before the end of December goals: Beta Ians sent out (very strict daily goals in that direction) and a writer's of the future story.

Anonymous said...

I've come to believe that what my writing needs most is solid, regular application of butt to chair. :) Therefore, I am going to focus on that for 2009. I plan to set monthly time goals - 15 minutes a day, an hour a day, getting up a little early & writing, those types of things.

I've been really coveting clothes & music lately, so going to use those as rewards when I meet my goals. I'm a big fan of rewards - they help with the motivation when nothing else does!

Laura Bradley Rede said...

Good goals, ladies. And I like the idea of rewards! My goals for 2009 are:
*Beta draft of Nightlife by WisCon so I can feel like celebrating there. (That's about 500 wds either written or revised every day between now and then).
*Beta draft of Prombies by the end of 2009
*Keep the short stories I have in circulation
May not be able to pull these off, but I am going to try. :)

Norma Boe said...

Thanks for putting out feet to the fire, Laura! Here are my outrageously, unrealistic goals for the year.

*Beta draft of WIP by April 1st for submission to WisCon Workshop.

*Final draft of WIP for queries by August.

*Beta draft of new work by Dec. 31

Part of me is laughing hysterically at these goals and the other half has succumbed to hysteria. Now I'm going to sit down and make those into more concrete tasks and micro goals.

Laura Bradley Rede said...

What would New Years Resolutions be without a little hysterical laughter, Norma? I, for one, believe you can do it. I did some nervous laughing while I set my goals, too, but better to aim high than low, right?

Sarah Matanah said...

I tend to fall flat on new years resolutions, so I'm almost afraid to post them. But here are mine: Learn not to nag children (thus opening up vistas of writing time see, it's on topic)and get beta copies out of either Amelia or Ava and SSshwss. Also, just to be traditional, I should probably get more exercise. Maybe I'll have the daycare kids sit on my back while I do pushups. Once I learn how to do pushups.