Sunday, December 21, 2008

Death Pixionary

(Taken from the glossary of Death Pixie terms contained in the official Death Pixie manual)

Pixie Chix (n.) :Death Pixies of the female sex.
Example: "They wanted me to work tonight, but my Pixie Chix come first."

Hot Off the Brain: (adj.) Unrevised, in purest first draft form. (See Also: "page puke")
Example: "I'm warning you, this is hot off the brain. And I hadn't even had my coffee yet."

New Entry:

Protagony: (n.) The state of extreme unhappiness through which all protagonists must pass as the plot becomes more complicated.
Example: "I think I'll give Cicely about two more chapters of protagony before the climax."

(Note: In some instances, according to context, may also be used to describe the agony the author feels when trying to find a workable plot solution to the protagonist's dilemma.
Example: "God! I'm in total protagony here. How am I supposed to get Cicely and Ander back together before I wrap this puppy up?")

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