Thursday, November 20, 2008

May Vampires Never Die

Well, with the new Twilight movie coming out at midnight I thought it would be fitting to post this interesting Publisher's Weekly article on the trends in paranormal YA. I admit, articles like this always make me a little nervous. Since I want to work in paranormal YA more than anything, and since I have two works in progress in that sub-genre, I never want to read anything that suggests that the trend is on the wane. I work pretty slowly due to limited writing time so I know my chance of hopping on a hot trend is pretty much nil and I usually try to ignore "trend reports" for that reason. But I thought this was really interesting.


Heather said...

Okay, i seriously doubt you have anything to worry about. the article said they were looking for more authors who reinvent the genre. Prombies? Dude, if that's not reinvention, I don't know what is.

I'm going to the Big Sur Children's Writing Workshop next week, which is held by the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. If I get any good insider news, I'll pass it on.

BTW, seen Twilight yet? I saw it THREE TIMES this weekend! I was a hot commodity on the Twilight date front.

Laura Bradley Rede said...

THREE TIMES!? LOL. I can't wait to hear your review. You can probably quote it word-for-word by now. I saw it Sat night (alone, which either makes me extremely secure or a real dweeb:)I'll give you my review at our meeting. (That's official Death Pixie biz, right?)

We will need a complete debriefing of Big Sur! And thanks for the reassuring words. I'll try not to stress...

Heather said...

Well, seeing as I'm not a member of the GGRBDP group, can you enlighten me on what you thought of the film? I thought Bella was WAYYY too morose, and they didn't write in nearly enough dialogue or relationship-building into the movie. Still, I liked it ... obviously.

Have you taken a class with Swati Avashti? She just got a two-book deal with Random House!

Laura Bradley Rede said...

Doh, so sorry Heather-- I was reading too quickly and mistook you for Heather Johnson, in the GGRBDP gang (which is why I said we'd chat at the meeting). I apologize. Yes, I had a wonderful time at Twilight! Not a perfect movie (I agree with your comment about Bella) but Edward was much better than I expected and I thought some things about the movie (like Bella's friends at school, who I thought were perfect) were really excellent. I'd love to read more of what you thought if you post to to the blog, and maybe I'll write more on this blog, too (especially if I go see it again, which I bet I will.)
I haven't taken anything from Swati Avashti, but wow, how cool for her!
Please keep us posted on Big Sur!