Monday, November 3, 2008

Library Books

Today, I visited my hometown library, which I still have a library card. I checked out an older book that still contained a library check out card. The book was first checked out in 1959. The last return date stamped on the card was 1984. As archaic as this system may have been, still holds great memories of summers spent in the library. The first memory that came to mind was: how sore my hand was after writing my name 54 times in order to check out the entire Nancy Drew series. To this day, I am NOT sure how I was able to get away with checking out that many books at once. Much less, how I managed to carry the entire series home. I believe it took me five trips, six blocks and three of them were up hill.
Tomorrow’s local library adventure will be tracking down the Nancy Drew series to see if the check out card is still in there. ☺

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