Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Play Alice

A bit ago I posted a link to a Publishers Weekly article about paranormal YA that asked where the werewolf stories are. I have been asking myself the same thing, and I have a prediction to make. I predict that in the future, "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer will write a novel set in the Twilight reality, but featuring more traditional werewolves (I mean ones who involuntarily change by the phase of the moon, not Jacob-type werewolves who can shape-shift at will). I'm saying this because, in the last book, Breaking Dawn, she bothers to explain that those traditional werewolves do exist in her world. There is no plot reason for her to explain this. It comes as a complete aside, during the climax of the last novel in a saga. Most authors and editors would have cut it because it doesn't serve a purpose. But I'm betting she's setting something up. And why am I posting it here? Because I want you all to tell me how clever I am when it happens. You heard it here first, Twilight fans! Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog :)

1 comment:

Norma Boe said...

Laura, I always bow to your cleverness and clairvoyance.

I still haven't read the fourth book, but it sure sounds like she was setting up another series.