Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bechdel Rule

Do you think that the Bechdel Rule applies to novels as well as movies?

1. A movie has to have at least two women
2. Who talk with each other
3. About something other than a man

Here's the link to the Dykes To Watch Out For comic that created the Bechdel Rule

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Laura Bradley Rede said...

Seems like a good litmus test for tokenism. I'm thinking of all the movies I've seen lately, and most are failing! I think Sarah asked a good question when this came up at our meeting: Does this apply to stories in which the protag is a woman, too? Or do we judge those differently? Also, I think we need a rule to check for racist tokenizing, too. Something like there must be more than one person of color, neither person of color may be the side-kick of the white protag, the second person of color can not be introduced simply as a love interest for the first (because there had to be a same-race pairing), etc. etc. Maybe we could work on that?:) I'll get to work on the test for tokenizing of queer folks, too... Have to get back to you on that one...:)