Sunday, October 5, 2008

YA Fatigue

To be a writer, you have to make yourself vulnerable to critique. To write YA, you have to spend a lot of time reliving the awkwardness of your adolescence. Tonight those two things combined into a perfect storm of insecurity for me. I have been writing and reading a lot of YA for this Loft class I'm taking and tonight I hit some sort of YA wall. I just couldn't stand to spend another moment in any one's fictional high school. I suddenly wanted to put on my most grown-up clothes and drive myself to a PTA meeting or something. I had OD-ed on cute quips and slang and prom dates and fights with parents. So I'm writing this to you folks to keep myself from writing any fiction tonight, because I'm afraid that if my insecure, vulnerable writer self spends any more time with my inner teenager, I may need therapy.

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HRJ said...

I understand. Really. You can have too much of a good thing. So maybe now you write a grown up story about going to a PTA meeting where a unicorn appears in the middle of a meeting. :-)