Monday, October 6, 2008

Joseph Campbell

I fell in love with Joseph Campbell in AP Humanities, 10th grade. I remember reading interviews with him and Bill Moyers thinking to myself, finally people who understand the power of story.
It was Joseph Campbell’s ideas on the journey of hero that taught me how to effectively plot my hero’s arc in my screenplays & stories.
Lately, I’ve had a string of stranger than usual dreams. In one particular dream, there is a Joseph Campbell book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, is sitting on a table. I open it up to a series of pages that are book marked with little post it notes. Now, here is the annoying thing, I can’t read what the little post it notes! The dream is reoccurring which makes it even more frustrating.
I’m not sure what this all means, only that I need to re-visit Campbell and continue to write my own mythology.
My interested to know from the Death Pixies: what, who inspires you to tell stories? When did you fall in love with stories?


Sarah said...

Hey Heather--I don't know if you're interested in this, but-- cool opportunity to practice lucid dreaming. That's where you're aware that you're dreaming in your dreams and can use your dream powers to say chat with Joseph Cambell, fly, enter the world of your story, etc.

Sarah said...

Try to notice everytime you can read,"Hey I can read I must be awake." Then hopefully when you try to read in your dream and can't you'll think "I can't read, I must be dreaming." Then go to a cafe and meet Joseph Cambell. I read about this in a book about different states of mind.

Hey Norma--If you haven't yet maybe you could leave a comment about your experience with dream inspiration. It's still one of the best dream experiences I've ever heard of.