Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finding Creativity

The other night, I met with an intuitive that coaches writers. We talked a great length about (my) creativity and writing process. I have to admit she helped me understand how my mind works (and accept it.) Maybe this will help you too.
What helps my creativity process:
Creativity for myself comes in waves. Some days are better spent editing & revising, while others are best spent giving birth to new ideas.
Exercising on a regular basis helps focus my energy.
Getting out of the house to write.
Beginning my day with writing, so, the rest of the day can be spent guilt free accomplishing domestic duties.
Storyboarding my ideas out. (Spend less time on how and more time on creating.)

Through the last three years, I’ve been activity with the Death Pixies. I’ve attended countless workshops on process. There is a common message that appears over and over again: find what works for you, it’s a matter of trail and error to discover what helps and hinders.
Have realistic expectations of yourself. If you don’t write because of (insert reason here) acknowledge it. Own it. (Don’t beat yourself up) Move on.
Happy writing!

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