Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Writers and their pens

Over at Justine Larbalestier blog writer's are talking pens. Let me just say, there's something about writers and pens that equals passion. For example, don't get me started talking about the difference between the Pilot Precise V7 vs. the Pilot Precise V5... Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that Sharpie has come out with a pen that doesn't bleed. Let the stampede begin.


Anonymous said...

I actually bought 2 of the new Sharpie pens today - black ones. They are nice, but not any nicer than most of the other good fine tip felt pens out there. Plus, the store I was at only had black, and dammit, I want colors!!!

Um . . . sorry . . . pen freakiness showing. . . :)

HRJ said...

Yesterday, on my way to writer's group, I purchased a new fountain pen. It is LOVELY. Never under estimate the power of a wonderful pen!

Laura Bradley Rede said...

I know I have espoused this theory here before, but I think it bares repeating: Each pen has only so many words in it. I'm not talking about ink-- a pen may run out of words long before it runs out of ink. The actual cause of writer's block is lack of words in one's pen. Writer's block can be cured by buying a new pen. Pilot precise V5 pens contain the most quality words per pen. Nuff said.