Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Inspirations

In short, I adored WorldCon. I came away very inspired to have my work published.

The biggest inspiration came from Melinda's Snodgrass' panel on screenwriting and Hollywood.
For those of you who don't know, Melinda is a professional screenwriter turned novelist. In this particular panel, she talked about her personal writing process. The following is a bit of advice she gave us:

(Please note: this is paraphrased from my notes)

We are all writing on limited time.
You must break your story down. (She gives her process for breaking a story down)
Don't waste time, don't get lost.
Remember writing is an art AND a job.

Since, I've been back, using her method for breaking a story down. For me, this particular method works well.

I can wake up in the morning/come home from work and know-where my character is, who are the supporting characters in the scene, what action is happening, and where my character is headed, etc. Knowing the basics has made my writing time much more productive.

In fact, today, I was able to write five chapters!

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