Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home from Writers of the Future

Well, I'm back from my adventure at Writers of the Future-- at least, my body is back in Minneapolis. I think my brain is still somewhere in beautiful California! Writers of the Future was a fantastic experience! The workshops were top quality with lots of "aha!" moments for me (and quite a few "ha ha" moments, too. We laughed a lot this week!) Tim Powers and K.D. Wentworth, who lead the workshop, are both extremely funny and have a gift for teaching. I took a ton of notes and seem to get something new out of them each time I reread them. The workshop is intensive and we covered a huge amount of ground. The professional writers who came to speak to us were wonderful-- very generous with their time, approachable and full of good advice about both the art and the business of writing. And my fellow WotF Volume 24 peers were an incredible group of talented, easy to like individuals. Many of the workshop leaders commented on how close our group was and how quickly we bonded (I think it was my friend David Parish-Whittaker who compared us to a litter of puppies :) I am thrilled to be in the same volume as these good folks and eager to keep in touch with them all.
The anthology itself is also a thrill. I read many volumes of WotF while entering the contest and my (slightly biased :) opinion is that WotF 24 holds its own with the best of them. The stories are extremely varied and I am enjoying finally having the chance to read every last one!
I'll try to blog more about WotF soon. At the moment, I have to actually write some fiction before I go try to make up my sleep debt!


Anonymous said...

I love your priorities: write, then sleep. Sounds about right to me . . . :)

HRJ said...

Sounds wonderful!