Friday, July 18, 2008

Perfect Time?

Never feel guilty about taking time out of your hectic schedule to write! I know there are household chores to do, children to attend to, spouses/partners/friendships to nurture. Each day that passes that you do not write, is a day without writing.
Understand that there will never be a perfect time to write. There will always be something to do. If you find yourself overbooked give yourself permission to:

1) Be selective about how you spend your time.
2) Find an hour, once a week to feed your inner writer and write.

Remember no one else can pen your stories!


Norma Boe said...

It's such a hard balance, learning how to say "no" to those who want your time and "yes" to your own need to work. As I'm in the process of ducking out of previous commitments, to get more time to write this fall, I have to zip my lips to keep myself from taking on new ones!

Nola J Moore said...

It's especially hard to do this when our world seems to really value people who are "involved" - kid's activities, church groups, various very good charitable causes. This of course says nothing of keeping up with your friends and family, and being that we need support as writers, writing groups & writing business-y things. What's possibly even harder is explaining why you aren't volunteering, especially to non-writers, and really especially to those who won't "get it" and to whom you will make up outrageous lies rather than explain that you are writing. . . . :)