Monday, March 24, 2008

Check In

Hey, folks. It was great to read Norma's post about her search for a certain themeyness in her short story. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of what she was working on and how the process was going. Would anyone else care to check in? (And Norma, would you care to tell us more?) No need to give us all the juicy details, since this is a public space, but it would be fun to hear the basics of your latest projects. I'll leave my update in the comments of this post and you do the same, okay?


Laura Bradley Rede said...

So I've finished the first draft of my vampire YA novel "Nightlife" and I've done a little revision on it, but I decide to give up on it completely about every other day because it seems like such a freshman effort and I'm not entirely sure how to fix all that needs fixing. Meanwhile I've started work on one of my other YA novel ideas. This one involves fad diets and sex ed and-- oh, yeah-- zombies. So far it is a lot of fun to write. I have a bunch of other ideas burning holes in my pocket at the moment. I have one short story in to the Death Pixies for critique and two more completed but not worthy of sharing yet (the end of one sort of flops)and I just took a workshop at the Loft about not abandoning your stories midway, so I am feeling inspired to ressurect all the many beginnings-without-endings that are filling my notebook. I'm writing this on my brand new laptop (!!) and I'm hoping that and my dictation software will speed my process up. That's it for me!

Norma Boe said...

As to leaving stories incomplete, I've left the previous story and begun another, though I have every intention of returning to it.

I'm working on a fantasy short story that I hope to have ready for the WisCon Workshop. It involves quite a bit of research, trying to get the time and place right, Minnesota in the 1860's. It's so easy to get stuck in the research, trying to find the most correct maps and illustrations. Does it really matter how many hotels there were in New Ulm in August of '62?

But as you, Laura, have reminded us, none of that is writing.

I can't wait to read about sex ed and zombies. Zombies make everything better!