Friday, February 22, 2008

Shadow Unit

I'm double posting since I mentioned this on my blog, but Shadow Unit is too cool not to plug twice. Earlier this week I read John Scalzi's comments on the site and finally got a couple of hours to read the first episode yesterday afternoon.

Shadow Unit is the fanfiction website for a television series that never was. Emma Bull has collaborated with Will Shetterly, Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette to write the series. The first episode, "Breathe" hooked me from the first sentence and I'm waiting breathlessly for the second episode to go live on March 3rd. It's kind of like Criminal Minds meets X-Files meets Buffy.

They have donation buttons so that you can chip in for the hosting, etc. and since they're doing it on their own dime, making a donation seemed like the right thing to do. I'd never done this before, but if you've ever bought anything on Amazon (who hasn't?) it's as easy as selecting a bullet point and hitting enter.

I know that I should be writing about
  • how the internet is creating new venues for authors
  • whether or not professional writers like Bull, et al. should be giving away their work for free
  • whether or not this is a new form of literature
  • why the hell shows as good as Shadow Unit aren't on TV
But instead I'll end this post saying, "Shadow Unit rocks! Go read it so we can talk."

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