Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where to start my story? It took me a week to decide where to start this blog post...

I have been having a heck of a time with the "where to begin" part of the story. I constantly seem to struggle between a sensible well rounded comfortable entry point, a sexier more immersive action oriented one AFTER the inciting incident, and a clever well placed one that allows a little set up and then introduces the inciting incident quickly. It seems like the perfect beginning should do all those things you pointed out earlier Nola, but is their a hierarchy of importance? Do different stories call for different openings? Is there a stylistic synchronization that should take place? Or is their a more objective formula for a starting point? "It has to do this, this and this and nothing else." I know everyone likes a story to kick off and make that up front promise: "here's what you're going to get and if you like this first bit you'll like the rest." But i'm having trouble starting my story in the high energy place it goes to because i want the first immersion into the action to really feel like a big change, so the reader can go on the same trip as the main character. Though this keeps leading me into a tedious start.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely think that different types of stories need different beginnings - since the beginning sets the tone for the whole story, you want to get it right.

No pressure or anything, Rob. . . :)